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by Kitty on September 15, 2009

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Carol Schultz at the Animal Spirit Network advertising a new initiative by animal communicator Nedda Wittels. The initiative is a newly launched website called the Animal Communicator Forum , a site that will be offering hour-long teleclasses with some of the most noted animal communicators. During the site’s grand opening from September 15 to 30, teleclasses are being offered every weekday from 2pm to 3pm Eastern Time.

The site’s mission statement says that:

The Animal Communicator Forum is dedicated to bringing an awareness of what Animal Communicators do to a larger audience.

To promote Animal Communication, professionals will be invited to:

  • Give FREE teleclasses that spotlight their special talents and interests, while providing insight and information to the website membership. Audio copies of these presentations and discussion are available on the site’s Audio Library pages.
  • Promote their services and classes so that the site’s members can benefit from additional opportunities to interact with them.

It’s a fantastic idea coming along at just the perfect time for me personally. I’ve been finding myself a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of books, audios, videos, articles, and animal communicator sites I’ve come across so it will be great to get little bite-sized introductions to so many people and concepts that I’ve been seeing in my researching.

I missed out on today’s presentation by Penelope Smith — 2pm-3pm is prime work day time and it’s looking very unlikely that I’ll be able to attend any of them live. My personal wish would be that future teleclasses be held during the North American evening so that people like me who are not working in the animal communication field can take part in the live calls without insane scheduling issues with our workplaces. But in the meantime, recordings of the various presentations are available shortly after each teleconference so I won’t completely miss out.

The live presentations (and the recordings) are free (though you’ll incur long distance charges for the phone call for the live teleclass) but you have to register on the site to get access. It’s well worth the very short amount of time it’ll take you to register — and you can’t beat the price. 😉

The grand opening schedule includes:

  • Sept. 15 – Penelope Smith – Opening to Animal Communication: The Stages
  • Sept. 16 – Teresa Wagner – Wisdom From the Whales: A Brief Sampling from 21 Years of Conversation
  • Sept. 17 – Lynn McKenzie – Explore Your Soul’s Divine Mission Through Your Animal Companions
  • Sept. 18 – Jacquelin Smith – Soul Recovery, the Shamanic Healing Process of Soul Retrieval for Animals
  • Sept. 21 – Kate Solisti – Feeding Animals’ Body and Soul: Helping Animals Achieve Their Spiritual Missions by Providing a Firm Foundation in Good Nutrition
  • Sept. 22 – Carla Meeske – Working Shamanically with Animals’ Spirit Tribes
  • Sept. 23 – Carol Schultz – Through the Eyes of Love: Animal Reflections on Becoming and Being Human
  • Sept. 24 – Kristin Thompson – 10 Tools for Living in Communication With Animals
  • Sept. 25 – Nedda Wittels – The Litter Box Dilemma: The Feline Perspective
  • Sept. 28 – Betty Lewis – The Birds and the Bees Revisited: We Can’t Poison Our Way to Good Health
  • Sept. 29 – Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik – If You Have a Question About Animals, Ask the Animals Themselves
  • Sept. 30 – Anita Curtis – Reincarnation

You can visit the site for additional information about the presentations and the presenters, including companion articles and, after the events, related blog posts and the recorded audio. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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