I’ve long been fascinated by both animal behaviour and the concept of being able to talk with and understand other animals.  I’m currently conducting in-depth personal research into animal communication, both the science of animal behaviour and the lesser understood realm of animal telepathy. Rather than saving the information I find on my own computer, I thought I’d create a site on which to share what I find and my thoughts as I explore. While it is still somewhat under construction, eventually I’m hoping for the site to include news, reviews, and information from the worlds of animal communication and healing, animal behaviour, and animal welfare and activism.

About the links directory

This site includes an annotated directory of hand-picked links. All links in the directory have some relevance to the field of animal communication and include general resources, training, and animal communicator sites. If you are an animal communicator or you have a book, deck, or other resource about animal communication and you would like your site included in the links directory, please just leave a comment on the relevant page and I will review your request. (Note: I am slow at adding new links so patience will definitely be required.)

About the pictures

All iStockphoto images used in image rotator
The pictures in the box at the top right of the site rotate randomly, changing each time a page is loaded or reloaded. These photos are either my own or were purchased from iStockphoto. None of the iStockphoto ones (shown in the image above) may be taken from this site, with or without permission, but you may purchase them from iStockphoto yourself for a very reasonable fee.

About the header graphic

The header graphic on this site was created using the Faltura Animals font by Måns Grebäck (with permission).

About ads and affiliate links

There are none and never will be any. This is site is just a labour of love from me to you.

About the widgets

  • The LibraryThing widget contains only books from my animal communication-specific LibraryThing account. The books in it are mostly animal communication books, but some are about healing, animal spirits, animal behaviour, and other related topics.
  • The “Search the Web” box in the side bar and the “Google Search” tab at the top of the page both make use of the custom search engine I created that searches a hand-picked selection of animal communication-related Web sites.
  • The scrolling Twitter feed shows the latest posts from the people I’m following in my animal communication Twitter list[Note: This is currently disabled, but will hopefully be re-enabled soon]
  • The Random Quotes widget displays random animal welfare- or communication-related quotes, manually culled from various Internet resources as well as relevant publications. [Note: This is currently disabled, but will hopefully be re-enabled soon]

In short, everything here has something to do with the field of inter-species  communications or with the care and welfare of all species.


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1 keri davis March 31, 2010 at 11:45 am

I thought I would indroduce myself and say hi….you have my site listed, I see. I do have a sound off button, but I guess it is not clear enough. When I update my site I will work on that…
Thank you again for your work and effort.
Many blessings

2 Kitty April 3, 2010 at 10:11 am

Welcome to the site, Keri. It’s still mostly under construction (I keep getting sidetracked). Regarding your site, yes, there’s a sound off button but it doesn’t work very well — you still get all of the miscellaneous sounds (car beeps, whooshing sounds, etc.) and the music starts up again after a few seconds to a minute. 🙂

3 Leta Worthington February 23, 2012 at 7:18 pm

Just posted a book hoping you would include it, then went through your site to check out the rest. This is a great site, Kitty, and a lovely resource for so many. Kudos to you for thinking this up and getting it together. I know it’s a lot of work. Carry on, Sister! Leta

4 Kitty February 24, 2012 at 3:15 am

Hi Leta, Welcome to the site. Glad you like it. 🙂 Much of it is still really under construction (you know how times gets away from you LOL), but I try to keep at least the books and animal communicator links up-to-date.

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