There is a growing amount of instructional and resource material available for those wanting to learn more about animal communication. I’ve grouped the materials here first by type of material (books, cards, audio, and video/computer-based). If there are enough items within each type of material, I group the items together by topic.

Several authors have created materials that fall into multiple material types and into multiple topics so if you are looking for a book by a favorite author, for example, and you don’t find it on the page you’re looking at, check out one of the other topic pages.

  • Books
    Animal communication books typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

    • General animal communication
      These books typically include biographical information about the author, stories from his or her communications with a variety of animals, and/or instructions and tips for increasing your own communication skills. Most animal communication books fall into this category. (This page now includes the books that used to be on the separate “Instructional and how-to” page.)
    • Dying, grief, and the afterlife
      These books typically deal with topics related to coping with and grieving the passing of a beloved non-human family member. They frequently include extracts of conversations with animals who have passed over.
    • Individual stories
      These books, while they may include other information, typically follow the story of one animal or a group of animals.
    • Channeled messages
      Channeling is (ostensibly) the communication of messages from one entity using another entity as a conduit, rather than communication between two entities. These books features messages said to be from an individual animal or a group of animals that have been transmitted through a human channel.
    • Reiki, healing, and health
      These books cover the health and healing of a variety of animals, predominantly the use of energy healing modalities like reiki.
    • Related books
      These are books that may be of interest to people interested in animal communication, books that don’t fall into one of the other categories. These books may be about animal behaviour, general animal-related spirituality, shamanism, or other related topics.
    • Novels
      These are books that feature protagonists who are animal communicators.
  • Cards and other tools
    These include card decks that aid animal communication as well as card decks for exploring shamanism and animal spirits and guides.
  • Audio (coming soon)
    These include materials in CDs, MP3s, and cassette format. They may include meditations, animal communication instruction, and related files.
  • Video/CBTs (coming soon)
    These include materials offered in DVD, VHS, and digital format (downloadable video or computer-based training). They may include animal communication instruction, interviews, and other related products and files.

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