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The links included in this category are hand-compiled, annotated (all communicator sites offer as a minimum information about the person and their services so annotations will generally cover additional information about them or their sites), and listed alphabetically by country (and state/province for countries with a large number of communicators) and then alphabetically again by the animal communicator’s surname, if known. Where known, I also include links to their blogs (Blog Blog) as well as their Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook profile), YouTube (YouTube), LinkedIn (LinkedIn), Google+ (Google Plus), eBay (eBay), and other social networking profile pages. (The number in parentheses after the country name indicates the number of animal communicators listed on that page.)

Note: The sites listed here are simply sites for people who self-identify as animal communicators. Their claims have not been investigated nor their skills judged, and their sites are provided merely as a courtesy. As with all things, you should do your own research before enlisting the services of any animal communicator, whether listed here or not. If you are an animal communicator whose site is not listed here and you would like it to be, please leave a comment at the bottom of this (or any) page.

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