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The links included in this category are hand-compiled, annotated, and listed alphabetically by province and then by the animal communicator’s surname, if known. Where known, I also include links to their blogs (Blog Blog) as well as their Twitter (Twitter), Facebook (Facebook profile), YouTube (YouTube), LinkedIn (LinkedIn), and/or eBay (eBay) profile pages.

Note: The sites listed here are simply sites for people who self-identify as animal communicators. Their claims have not been investigated nor their skills judged, and their sites are provided merely as a courtesy. As with all things, you should do your own research before enlisting the services of any animal communicator, whether listed here or not.


  • Barber, Deb – Based in Beaumont, Alberta.
  • Best, Juli – Based in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Davis, Keri – Based in Canmore, Alberta. (Note: The home page has a very cute Flash animation, but you can’t completely turn off the sound with the sound off button so I’m linking to one of the inner, non-Flash pages.)
  • Rigo, Linda – Based in Calgary, Alberta.

British Columbia

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

  • Carruthers, Maggie – Now known by the name “Malki’el”. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



  • Eaton, Edie Jane / Listening to Whispers – Based in Lascelles, Quebec. Primarily offers TTouch and Feldenkrais workshops but also hosts animal communication workshops with Oregon-based animal communicator Lauren McCall in the Ottawa/NCR area.
  • Frenette, Deborah A. – Based in Stanstead, Quebec. Animal communicator, NMT practitioner, and hypnotist. Author of How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins.
  • Leroux, Caroline – Based in St. Lambert, Quebec. Site is bilingual (French/English)
  • Signori, Lilliane – Based in Ste-Clotilde Horton, Quebec. Reiki, shamanism, and animal communication.


  • Rayne, AuKeeRa – Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Clairvoyant and animal communicator.

[List last updated January 24, 2013]