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Favourite This site offers a list of all of the animal communication related books that I know about. It will ultimately include informational pages for all of those animal communication books about as well as reviews of any of those books that I’ve read and links to any reviews on external sites. Those pages are still under construction but will be coming gradually over the coming months.

The links included in this category are hand-picked, annotated, and listed alphabetically by the site name.


  • The Power of Silent Wisdom – Free monthly e-magazine (PDF) edited by Lea Pihlman and featuring communication facilitated by Finnish animal communicator Maiccu Kostiainen. Published since September 2009. Facebook fan page Lea Pihlman's YouTube channel featuring PSW-related videos
  • Species Link – Print magazine founded by Penelope Smith and published four times a year. Subscriptions  are $25+ per year for print version or $20 per year for PDF version. Single print issues since 2007 (issue #66) and PDF issues since 2008 (issue #69) are available for purchase. Facebook page